Experiential Design
Anderson High School’s Performing Arts Department is one of the best in Ohio, yet the entrance to their theater was lacking sophistication when compared to the level of dedication and performance on the stage. From the onset of the project, we opted for a dark aesthetic, both to visually cue the theater experience earlier and also to set it apart from the athletic entrances that share the space. The idea that anticipation could start to build from the moment of guests' arrival felt apropos to the craft and curation of Performing Arts. Details and materials were selected for inclusivity, to pay homage to all the work, environment and people who make performances possible. 

Collectively, the space recognizes donors, honors accomplished alumni and showcases current seniors. This was a tall task for such a small space, however the black backdrop helped us achieve a visual continuity while also preventing the space from feeling over complicated and busy.
The new entry design creates anticipation while setting the tone for performance. Channeling the atmosphere inside the theater, the elevated lobby is an intimate and dynamic area that pays homage to not only the various departments of the performing arts, but recognizes donors, seniors and accomplished alumni.
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