Life shrinks or expands in response to one's courage.
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Chelsea Curry is an experiential designer living in Cincinnati with her husband Adam, daughter Amira, and rescue pups, Thai and Bentley. When she's not designing, Chelsea can be found in her ceramics studio, crushing HIIT circuits, flipping homes, or adventuring around town with her family.

In 2018, Chelsea and Adam traveled abroad for 9 months working remotely and making temporary homes in 11 countries. Aside from learning how to effectively manage her time, this global adventure was monumental in rediscovering her passion for design and translating it into a renewed purpose of creating meaningful experiences, ultimately laying a new path forward.

For nearly 15 years, Chelsea's been making and creating to infuse more intentionality into the world. One of her greatest strengths is her capability to think at a macro scale yet design on a micro one. She believes memorable moments happen when design is paired with strategy and authenticity. Chelsea’s ability to connect with clients, understand their goals, and work quickly has helped clients promote their businesses, communicate effectively, and create memorable environments and experiences. Drive and charisma make Chelsea an invaluable partner, while her knowledge in design, marketing, and business development result in thoughtful work and strong relationships.
The OG yellow door
Chelsea’s grandmother had tangible pride in her country home's yellow door. It's how she would identify her house and brought her joy in the simplest of ways. She would always beam, "Papa built the house, but I painted the door yellow."  As Chelsea reminisces about her grandmother, her yellow door has become a meaningful visual that evokes warmth, individualism and heart. The notion that a yellow door can be so simple yet have so much meaning became a powerful statement as Chelsea chose a name for her creative venture. 

At Yellow Door Creative, a “yellow door” is the unique story that gives foundation and driving purpose behind every design decision when creating experiences and communicating visually. Without digging deep to define yellow doors, graphics lack context and experiences are without a meaningful narrative. Chelsea works closely with clients to uncover and define their stories then creates a design strategy keeping their authenticity at the center.
Education  |  Awards  |  Publications
The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture
Minor in Design

Making Midwest, 2019 Speaker

Greater Cincinnati SMPS
2015 Marketer of the Year

TLNT, October 2019 -"Add Experiential Design to the Employee Experience"

M+A Architects, September 2019 - "Creative Play"

SEGD, Jun 2017 - "Collaborate with Purpose"

REbusiness Online, May 2017 - "
If These Walls Could Talk: The Power of Environmental Graphic Design"

M+A Architects, February 2017 - "What is Environmental Graphic Design"

M+A Architects, August 2016 - "Trends in Brand Integration"
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