Yellow Door Creative is a nimble design studio that creates spaces and experiences with intentionality and storytelling at the center.
Residing in Cincinnati, Ohio, Chelsea Curry is a charismatic creative director and experiential designer, infusing more intentional design into the world. Her unique prowess lies in her ability to conceptualize at a macro scale while executing with precision on a micro one. She lives and breathes by her belief that impactful moments happen when design, authenticity and story telling come together to form one cohesive vision.
One of Chelsea’s greatest strengths lies in her ability to truly connect with clients. She works tirelessly to understand brands and project goals then delivers creative environments and experiences catered to them. Chelsea’s drive and charisma render her an invaluable collaborator, while her multifaceted expertise in design, marketing, and business development ensures the creation of thoughtful, strategic work.
When she's not helping clients celebrate their Yellow Doors,  Chelsea spends her time filling up her camera roll with her two sweet kids, renovating properties with her husband, pretending to be a home barista, entertaining, and plotting her next travel adventure.

When life gives you a door, paint it yellow
Chelsea’s grandmother had a tangible pride in her country home's yellow door. It served as a distinctive marker for her residence, bringing her a simple joy and a sense of identity. With a radiant smile, she would proudly declare, "Papa built the house, but I painted the door yellow." As Chelsea fondly reflects on her grandmother's memory, the yellow door has evolved into a poignant symbol, representing warmth, uniqueness, endurance, and a touch of spirit.
At Yellow Door Creative, the concept of a "yellow door" extends beyond its literal meaning. It embodies the essence of each client's unique story, serving as the cornerstone and driving force behind every design decision. Without delving into the depths of these narratives, graphics lack context, and experiences remain devoid of meaningful substance. Chelsea collaborates closely with her clients, unraveling and defining their unique narratives, before crafting a design vision that honors their authenticity, ultimately celebrating their own "yellow doors."
Education  |  Awards  |  Publications
The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture
Minor in Design

Making Midwest, 2019 Speaker

Greater Cincinnati SMPS
2015 Marketer of the Year

TLNT, October 2019 -"Add Experiential Design to the Employee Experience"

M+A Architects, September 2019 - "Creative Play"

SEGD, Jun 2017 - "Collaborate with Purpose"

REbusiness Online, May 2017 - "
If These Walls Could Talk: The Power of Environmental Graphic Design"

M+A Architects, February 2017 - "What is Environmental Graphic Design"

M+A Architects, August 2016 - "Trends in Brand Integration"
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