Experience-Driven Design

Yellow Door Creative designs to create impact and experience, also known as experiential design (XD). The company brings together different design disciplines to communicate and leave meaningful impressions. This could be as simple as creating the right branded marketing pieces that match a company’s identity and digital presence, and as complex as designing an immersive, physical environment causing visitors to feel a specific way.

A significant and highly visual part of experiential design is the design of the physical environment, or environmental graphic design (EGD). EGD is a powerful platform for brand stories to be told through signage, wall graphics, and 3D installations. Although impactful on its own, the real magic of creating experiences only happens when EGD is part of a more inclusive, experiential vision further connecting physical space with identity and intention.

Think about your favorite places to go - parks, events, restaurants, museums, hotels. Have you ever thought about why you like it there? Really think about it, beyond what you can just see. 
     - Is there music? 
     - A specific smell? 
     - Over-the-top hospitality? 
     - Organization and order?
     - The feeling that everything just “goes together”?
Experience is a culmination of countless factors, most of which can be intentional and designed holistically. These subtle and often intangible elements work in-sync to shift an ordinary experience to a memorable one.​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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