Experiential Design

Anderson High School’s Performing Arts Department is one of the best in Ohio, yet its theater entrance lacked the sophistication befitting the dedication and excellence displayed on stage. To address this, we embraced a dark aesthetic from the project's inception, aiming to evoke the theater experience and distinguish it from the adjacent athletic entrances. Anticipation was key; we wanted guests to begin feeling the excitement from the moment they arrived, reflecting the craft and curation inherent in the Performing Arts.
Inclusivity was paramount in our selection of details and materials, paying tribute to the collaborative efforts of all those involved in bringing performances to life. Despite the challenge of a small space, the black backdrop provided visual continuity, adding to the allure and atmosphere.
The redesigned entry serves as an intimate and sophisticated space, honoring not just the various departments of the performing arts, but also celebrates donors, seniors, and accomplished alumni.

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