Brand Identity​​​​​​​
Founded and guided by a local Columbus entrepreneur, mother, and architect, Facet Design Studio is an architectural studio with a distinctive brand identity. The brand exudes strength and geometric precision, softened by gently rounded edges that convey a subtle femininity. The logo, derived from overlapping the founder's initials "MAS," is brought to life through a color palette inspired by her baby's mobile, a pivotal "yellow door" in Facet's brand narrative.
The design ingeniously incorporates asymmetrical facets, symbolizing the Facet Design's agility and well-rounded architectural expertise. Embracing clean lines, simplicity, and bold color blocking, the aesthetic draws inspiration from Scandinavian design, a style that deeply influenced Megan during her education and travels. Additionally, the quilted graphic elements pay homage to this aesthetic, further enriching Facet Design Studio's visual language.

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