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What once was a white, empty office shell is now the vibrant and eclectic headquarters of Key Property Partners (KPP). As a prominent real estate team within Keller Williams Advisors Realty, KPP specializes exclusively in investment properties throughout Cincinnati. The transformation of their office space mirrors the essence of their brand—organized, professional, and reflective of their expertise in the industry niche.
KPP's hands-on approach to assessing and renovating investment properties serves as a cornerstone of their brand narrative, informing the selection of plywood as a focal material throughout the office. This choice visually connects to their expertise, showcasing their agility and resourcefulness. A tangible celebration of Cincinnati permeates the compact office space, evident in a hand-painted skyline mural and a vibrant gallery wall adorned with custom art pieces.
Beyond interior design and environmental graphics, KPP has been a longstanding partner with whom we've collaborated to create a cohesive brand identity, marketing collateral, and ongoing sales tools. This comprehensive partnership underscores our commitment to supporting KPP's growth and success in the competitive real estate market.

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