Graphic Design  |  Experiential Design
Wyandot Lodge stands as a beacon of sustainability within the Columbus Recreation and Parks system. As a Net Zero Energy certified facility, the lodge has the opportunity to educate its visitors on the importance of sustainable practices. Recognizing this opportunity, we embarked on a mission to create informative graphics that would enhance visitors' understanding, particularly among children, of the lodge's sustainable building features.
Our approach was multifaceted: we designed graphics that not only provided valuable information but also catered to the specific needs of kids attending camp programs. These graphics were meticulously crafted to be easily updated, ensuring their relevance over time. From designing the display to rendering the site diagram and creating tailored infographics, Chelsea took on the challenge with enthusiasm, immersing herself in the intricacies of Net Zero Energy along the way.

* This project was completed while employed with M+A Architects, as a part of the Experiential Design Studio ​​​​​​​
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